Balancing Self-Care and School

As most of you already know, I am a college student, so time is not something to be wasted.

Maintaining my natural hair becomes more of a challenge as we move onto the end of the semester. There are two weeks left of classes, and I’m stressing out (as usual) because I have so many papers to finish and finals to study for.

Self-care can help ease up that stress, but what if you don’t have time for it? Doing little things for yourself can enhance any mood you’re in. The easiest way for me to do that is simply washing my face and caring for my hair.

Everyday, I wash, moisturize and tone my face twice. The feeling afterwards is internal and amazing!

Taking care of my hair, whether it be doing a twist out, braid out, or just brushing it out, always helps make me feel better too.

The point of this post was to emphasize that doing things for yourself is always a good way to escape from the reality of life.