Skin Care “Head-to-Toe” Winter Special

Recently, I have been playing around with natural oils and butters making combinations of skin and hair products.

I have created hair balm, lip balm, hand butter, hair growth oil, facial oil, body oil, and so much more. I am attempting different combinations of oils and trying them out to get the most effective results. So far, my hair and skin are loving the mixtures.


My skin has been clear for the past few months with only about two to three blemishes every month due to other things such as my messed up diet. Other than that, my skin is soft and smooth.


I have a few new favorite body washes. First on my list has to be the Neutrogena rainbath body wash. (Image below).

My favorite one is the third from the left. It has no name so I’m assuming it’s the original scent, but the smell reminds me of the Dominican Republic.

My next favorite body wash is the Aveeno Lavender Stress Relief Body Wash (Image below).

This body wash leaves my skin feeling so soft and refreshed and the smell is amazing.

The most efficient way I moisturize my skin is directly after the shower while my skin is still damp, I rub coconut oil all over my body. Then I apply cocoa butter or any preferred lotion over my body. During the summer time I only use coconut oil, but due to the harsh, cold air in Brockport, I like to double up.


This weather and Brockport air makes my skin super dry so I don’t mind looking a little oiled up during the winter! I begin my facial routine by dampening my face with hot water to open up my pores. I usually use a steaming rag or a facial steamer if I have the time for it. Then, I use a whipped black facial soap (which I made myself :)) to wash my face; the soap is creamy in texture and has coconut oil in it. After I wash my face, the black soap makes my skin kind of dry (which is why I whipped it with coconut oil) so I moisturize my skin with a mixture of Argan Oil and Vitamin E Oil, and top it off with an Aloe and Rosewater facial toning mist I found at TJ Maxx.

I prefer to tone after I moisturize because I use an oil. If I tone before, my skin will be too oily.

That was pretty much a breakdown of my head to toe skin care routine. Let me know what you guys think!

Balancing Self-Care and School

As most of you already know, I am a college student, so time is not something to be wasted.

Maintaining my natural hair becomes more of a challenge as we move onto the end of the semester. There are two weeks left of classes, and I’m stressing out (as usual) because I have so many papers to finish and finals to study for.

Self-care can help ease up that stress, but what if you don’t have time for it? Doing little things for yourself can enhance any mood you’re in. The easiest way for me to do that is simply washing my face and caring for my hair.

Everyday, I wash, moisturize and tone my face twice. The feeling afterwards is internal and amazing!

Taking care of my hair, whether it be doing a twist out, braid out, or just brushing it out, always helps make me feel better too.

The point of this post was to emphasize that doing things for yourself is always a good way to escape from the reality of life.