Bleach ‘n Curls

Bleach and hair are like a child and the boogie man.

Everyone has this idea that:
Bleach = Damage …
… Does it really?


My Experience

It has been a little over a week since I dyed my hair from black to chocolate-brown. Since my hair was so dark, it had to be bleached in order for the color to take. I tried so hard to avoid bleaching it, but I just ended up going through with it because I felt bored with my hair. It was definitely time for a change but I was so anxious to wash my hair and check for heat or bleach damage.

I have a cousin that used to dye her hair all the time! Her hair was dry and her curls were slowly diminishing. I didn’t want to go through that after all the work I put into getting my hair back to its natural state from heat damage.

So, while my hair was straightened I made sure to keep the length of my hair moisturized using Jojoba and Coconut oils, since dryness and damage was my biggest concern.


Wash Day!!

Before washing my hair, I did an intensely moisturizing treatment (which I will post soon with details). I was surprised to see that there was no damage to my hair! My curls were shiny, bouncy, and hydrated. My excitement was over the roof!

I was expecting to see a bunch of straight ends and maybe even a looser curl pattern. I believe that keeping my hair extra moisturized played a big role in the outcome.

I have to say, I absolutely don’t regret bleaching my hair and I’m so happy with my results!

My point is basically that bleach isn’t all that bad. As long as you keep those curls clean and moisturized, they will be popping at all times!


**I am speaking solely on my experience. Everyone’s hair is different and reacts differently to products. Bleach can still be very damaging if misused, so I recommend to have it done by a professional. I hope your coloring experience is as great as mine! If you would like to see how the color turned out, check out my instagram which you can find on the homepage of this site. **

7 thoughts on “Bleach ‘n Curls

      1. I feel like maybe the only reason my hair didn’t get too damaged was because I didn’t do a color thats too bright like blonde. So maybe if you start with a brown and gradually get lighter, if you eventually want a blonde, your hair shouldn’t suffer too much.

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